Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome you and your child to WentworthPrimary School. We hope that this will be the start of a very happy time for you all.

We believe that school is a happier and more valuable place if parents and staff work together in the education and welfare of each child.

We are always pleased to welcome visitors to school and invite you to come and see the school in action.

We look forward to meeting you many times and getting to know you as a family.


There is no guarantee of a place for children living in the priority admission area.

In the event of oversubscription places will be allocated using the following criteria in the order given:

  1. Looked After Children and previously looked after children (as defined on page 12 of the PrimaryEducation in Essex 2015/2016 booklet);
  2. children with a sibling attending the school;
  3. children living in the priority admission area of Maldon;
  4. remaining applications.

In the event of oversubscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by straight line distance from home to school, those living closest being given the highest priority.

* A map showing the priority admission area of Maldon is available from School Admissions, Essex County Council.

All applications including mid-year on the appropriate forms are to be made to the Area Education Office at Planning and Admissions, PO box 4261, Chelmsford, CM1 1GS.The application forms are also online at and can also be submitted online. Parents must make it clear that Wentworth is their first choice, as the application serves all three Maldon schools.