Mixed Football Tournament - December 2018

Wentworth took 9 football players to play in the mixed football tournament on a very cold Thursday morning in December. The children played very well, winning one, losing three and drawing two matches. Very good team work and sportsmanship during the competition.

End result : Wentworth – 5th Place

Colchester Blackwater Girls Football - Tuesday 13th November 2018

On Tuesday 13th Wentworth took their year 5 and 6 Girls football team to the Colchester Blackwater Finals, held at Thurstable School. There was 13 schools altogether, who were put in to 2 groups. The girls all played very well, they won 3 matches and lost 2. This was enough for them to get through to the semi-finals, where they met Kelvedon Primary. Both teams played a great match, unfortunately Wentworth missed out on the final as Kelvedon Primary won 1-0. In the play offs, Lawford and Wentworth were extremely well matched. At the end of the game it was 0-0, so they played extra time and the score was still 0-0! This meant they had to take penalties, which went to sudden death.

Final result Wentworth 4th Place. Well Done!

Colchester Blackwater Finals - Thursday 8th November 2018

After playing a very successful football tournament last half term, the Wentworth Football team were through to the finals. On Thursday 8th November Wentworth took our 1st team to Shrub End, Colchester. The children were all very excited and looking forward to the strong competition. The matches were 12 minutes with a 2 minute half time. There was 8 schools, so each played 7 matches, Wentworth primary School held their own; loosing 2, drawing 3 and winning 2. Good fun was had by all and the boys had a good attitude to losing as well as winning.

Well Done Wentworth - 5th Place

Girls Football

Wentworth entered a girl’s football team into the Colchester Blackwater Finals in November at Thurstable School.

There were 13 schools who had played in previous tournaments to get through to the finals. Wentworth had a great attitude and played extremely well. They drew 4 matches and went through to the 7th and 8th play offs.

Final result: 8th Place in Colchester and surrounding areas.

Boys Football

On Thursday 28th September 2017, Wentworth Primary School entered a Boys Football team in the local football tournament. There were 5 Schools who entered and all teams played exceptionally well.

Wentworth didn’t lose a match!

Wentworth Primary School = 2nd Place

Well Done Boys

Fun Football Tournament

On Thursday 20th April 2017, Wentworth took three football teams to the local tournament. All teams played extremely well. They each played six matches and they kept their heads high, with great teamwork and behaviour. Wentworth are very proud of all the children who were involved.

Final results:

Wentworth Blue and Wentworth Red – joint 4th Place

Wentworth Purple – 3rd Place

april 043 (800x600).jpg april 039 (800x600).jpg april 036 (800x600).jpg

Girls Football Tournament

On Thursday 2nd March 2017, Wentworth took two girls football teams to the local tournament. Both teams played extremely well after playing five matches, Wentworth 1 scored 6 goals and only lost one match and Wentworth 2 scored 3 goals and didn’t lose any matches!

Final results:

Wentworth 1 – 3rd Place

Wentworth 2 – 2nd Place

football 003 (800x600).jpg football 005 (800x600).jpg

Fun Football Tournament

On Thursday 2nd February 2017, Wentworth School took three teams to play in the local Fun Football Tournament arranged and held at The Plume School.

There was two pools and all teams played extremely well. The purple and blue team both won their pools and the red team came 3rd. As you can imagen, the final was very tense between two Wentworth teams. Both teams played so well, they refused to let any goals in! Time came to an end and it was still 0-0. This meant it had to go to penalties.

End result;

Red Team 5th

Purple Team 2nd

Blue Team 1st

Well done Wentworth, great results!

feb 2017 009 (640x480).jpg feb 2017 012 (640x480).jpg feb 2017 014 (640x480).jpg

Colchester Blackwater School Sport Partnership

As the girls football team performed extremely well and came 1st in the local football tournament, they got through to the Blackwater finals on Monday 7th November, 2016. There were 14 schools from around the Colchester borough in the finals. They split them into 2 pools, so each team played 6 matches. Wentworth played exceptionally well in every match and found themselves against some tough teams.

They only lost 1, drew 1 and won 4 matches!

Overall result: Wentworth 3rd Place

November 2016 772 (1024x768).jpg November 2016 786 (1024x768).jpg

Thursday 6th October

On Thursday 6th October2016, Wentworth took 9 of our strongest football players to compete in a local tournament at The Plume School. There were 5 teams that attended and every school played every other school.

Wentworth played extremely well winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 1.

Final result: Wentworth 2nd Place!


Girls Football Tournament – 29th September 2016

Wentworth took a very dedicated 9 girls to the local Girls Football Tournament, held at the Plume School. Unfortunately, there was only one other school that entered, which I feel was a real shame, however I was very pleased that the tournament still went ahead.

As there were only 2 teams we decided to play 15 minutes each way. Both teams played extremely well and it was a very close game. Wentworth scored twice in the first half but Great Totham refused to give up.

The end result was Wentworth 1st and Great Totham 2nd.

Well done to all who played, was a great match!

Thursday 21st April 2016

Wentworth entered two football teams in the local tournament.

Wentworth purple won 2, drew 1 and lost 2 matches.
Wentworth blue won 2 and lost 4 matches.

Both teams played really well!

End results:

Wentworth Purple – 3rd Place

Wentworth Blue - 4th Place

April 2016 012 (1024x768).jpg April 2016 027 (1024x768).jpg

Thursday 11th February 2016

Wentworth Primary School entered 2 teams in the local fun football tournament, at The Plume School. There were 7 teams in the tournament and both teams played extremely well against them all;

Wentworth 1 not conceding any goals and Wentworth 2 only conceding 3 goals.

Final Results:

  • Wentworth 1 – 1st Place
  • Wentworth 2 – 6th Place
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