Cross Country

Essex Cross Country Individuals Event - Friday 20th April

Harry Marshall, Kathryn Black, Beth Foster, Katie Middleton and Millie Gooding ran the Essex Cross Country Finals on Friday 20th April. They all ran extremely well and came in the top half of runners who took part that day. Wentworth are very proud of them for getting into the Essex Finals, let alone running as well as they did on the scorching Friday we had.

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Essex Cross Country Team Event - Thursday 19thApril

Wentworth year 4 girls’ team made it to the Essex Finals which took place on Thursday 19thApril. The girls all ran really well, doing the school proud.

Wentworth Year 4 Girls Cross country Team = 9th in Essex!

Well Done Girls!

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Cross Country Blackwater Finals - Wednesday 21st March 2018

Wentworth School took 5 girls and 5 boys to the Cross Country Blackwater Finals on Wednesday 21st March 2018.

They all ran exceptionally well:

Boys team came 5th
Girls team came 4th

Overall Wentworth came 4th Place.

Two of our year 5's got through to the Essex Individual Finals as they came 2nd and 4th.

Amazing results!

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Colchester Finals - Wednesday 21st February 2018

Wentworth year 3 and 4 cross country teams performed so well in the local cross country competition, they were invited to the Colchester Finals on Wednesday 21st February 2018. I'm very proud to say overall:

Year 3 Cross Country team came 2nd
Year 4 Cross Country team came 3rd

3 of our pupils got through to the Essex Individual Finals in Benfleet as they came 5th, 4th and 3rd

The year 4 girls team came 1st so they got through to the Essex Team Finals, also in Benfleet.

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Cross Country Competition - 16th November 2017

Wentworth Primary School took a team of up to 6 girls and 6 boys from year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on Thursday 16th November 2017.

Year 2 ran one large lap

Year 3 and 4 ran one large and one small lap

Year 5 and 6 ran two large laps

All children ran extremely well and Wentworth achieve great results:

Year 2 – 1st Place

Year 3 – 1st Place

Year 4 – 1st Place

Year 5 – 1st Place

Year 6 – 2nd Place

Due to the amazing results, Wentworth year 3, 4 and 5 teams are through to the CBSSP Cross Country Finals in early 2018.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved!

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Essex Cross Country Finals - 20th April 2017

As the year 4 cross country team performed so well in the local cross country competition, they were invited to perform in the Essex Cross Country Finals.

On Thursday 20th April Wentworth Primary travelled to Benfleet to compete against the best year 4 Cross Country runners in Essex.

The girls ran first, all trying their best, one young lady even helped a runner from another school because she fell over. All the girls were proud of their results. Then the boys ran, again everyone giving their best effort and happy with where they were placed.

Some of the athletes were put through into the Essex Individual Competition as they came in the top 3 in the local competition. This competition was on Tuesday 25th April and held at the same venue in Benfleet.

Wentworth’s Year 6 competitor; Erin Little is the 2nd fastest girl in Essex!

All children who took part should be very proud of themselves! WELL DONE WENTWORTH!

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Cross Country Competition - Thursday 9th February

Thursday 9th February Wentworth Primary attended the local Cross Country Competition, with great results.

Girls and boys points from each year group were added together and overall Wentworth results were:

Year 3 – 2nd Place

Year 4 – 1st Place

Year 5 – 2nd Place

Year 6 – 1st Place

Just to highlight some of the individual results:

6 children received gold medals

1 child received a silver medal

4 children received bronze medals

All children who took part should be very proud of themselves! WELL DONE WENTWORTH!

Essex Cross Country Finals

Wentworth are extremely pleased to tell you, two of our pupils got through to the Essex Cross Country Finals last half term as they both came 1st in the Colchester Blackwater Finals in February and March.

They were both very excited and extremely nervous, but they did the school proud!

Ben Thomas – 9th in Essex!!!

Erin Little – 1st in Essex!!!

A massive WELL DONE to them both, from everyone at Wentworth!

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Year 5 Cross Country Blackwater Finals

Due to a fantastic performance in the local cross country competition, our year 5 team got through to the Colchester Blackwater Finals. This took place on Wednesday 2nd March at Colchester Rugby Club. The team consisted of 5 girls and 6 boys. There was lots of people there, participants and supporters, which is lovely to see, especially considering the weather was awfully unpleasant.

The Wentworth girls’ team came 2nd and overall Wentworth came 8th out of 21 schools. This is an amazing achievement as they competed against over 100 other runners and all performed extremely well.

A special mention to one of our year 5 girls, who came 3rd in her race and won the bronze medal! She ran exceptionally well and put every effort in. She will be competing in the Essex individual races in April.

A big well done to everyone who was involved and for family who came to support.

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Great results for cross country:

Year 2 - 2nd Place

Year 3 - 1st Place

Year 4 - 3rd Place

Year 5 - 1st Place

Year 6 - 2nd Place

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