Christmas Dinners

Wednesday 13th, December 2017

The children really enjoyed their Christmas Dinners in school today.

There was a competition for the best hats, and the winners were:

F1 - Henry Keogh
1H - Abigail Grundy
2A - Lucia Peters
3E - Oliver Servis
4S - Kaylee Spencer
5T - Abi Gosshawk
6T -
Archie Gudgeon-Jacks

F1 - Ida Knights
1H - Flynn Gibaud
2A - Max Sorial
3E - Bonnie Marshall
4S - George Williams
5T - Oliver Clark
6T - Emily Quiddington

F2 - Stanley Mills
1S - Lucia Loughlin
2P - Marcie Shires
3S - Danielle Keen
4N - Abigail Closs
5HC - Aliyah Church
6S - Malika Salah

F2 - Lilly Donovan
1S - Jamie Jarman
2P - George Marshall
3S - Jake Stannard
4N - Oliver Brown
5HC - Fareed Anibaba
6S - Harry Marsh

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