Review Results

Tuesday 12th, June 2018

Last week we had a School review by three local Headteachers as part of our aim to be the very best school we can be.

Here is some of their feedback. I think you as parents and Carers will be very pleased and proud of your children and staff.

The team looked at books, met with pupils, talked to staff, toured the school and visited every class.

Here are their findings:

  • Excellent range of work displayed. High standards in all classes and rooms.
  • Pupils feel very happy and safe and know whom to talk too.
  • Pupils really enjoy the improvements in lunch and break times.
  • Good range of clubs are offered.
  • Teaching is consistently good or better
  • Very consistent marking policy. All pupils are aware of their learning and progress.
  • School council very well informed and passionate about the school
  • Very neat and well presented books.
  • Maths no problem: excellent range of number teaching and learning taking place.
  • Maths journal showed a great range of reasoning skills.
  • Wide curriculum offered to Wentworth Pupils
  • A vast range of specialist teachers used to access mandarin, DT, PE, Music and swimming.
  • Pupils excellent learning behaviour and attitudes to learning.
  • Excellent learning environment around the school.
  • Excellent behaviour seen in class and around school.
Well done Wentworth.

Mrs Dawn Dack

Headteacher - Wentworth Primary School