Wentworth host Ping Xiang Experimental School teachers

Friday 5th, October 2018

On Wednesday 3rd October and Thursday 4th October, seven senior teachers from a leading Chinese Independent School visited Wentworth Primary School.

A warm welcome of 你好 Nǐ hǎo (Hello) chorused through every class. Keen to experience good practice they observed all aspects of the school day, ranging from welcoming the pupils arriving at the school gate, to Foundation Stage’s free-flow learning, ‘How to make a jam sandwich’ instructions in Year 1, Phonics in Year 2, Guided Reading in Year 3, Similes in Year 4, Swimming and PE in Year 5 and Long multiplication, subordinating conjunctions and Coding in Computing in Year 6.

They quizzed Headteacher, Dawn Dack, Chair of Governors, Geoff Skewes, and the Senior Leadership Team about teacher recruitment, budgets, the role of Governors, complaint procedures, curriculum planning, parents meetings, assessment and reports, SATs exams and Phonics screening and the role of Teaching Assistants, who are very rare in China.

The Chinese school leaders were very impressed by all the teachers and pupils at the school. They particularly praised pupil behaviour and focus during lessons. They were amazed that 420 pupils could respond to a simple raise of the hand to signal the end of lunchtime and get ready for the next lesson immediately. They reported that their students do not have a playtime, instead they would eat lunch then they would go to a classroom to do homework.

MFL Subject Leader, Marion Jones, said ‘As a school that teaches Mandarin, it is important for us to maintain international relationships, the children value meeting native speakers and love to share their developing Mandarin skills. Sharing good practice helps us all to improve.’