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Dodge Ball

Maldon Dodgeball Competition - Friday 29th November

On Friday 29th November Wentworth held a Dodgeball Tournament against the local Primary schools. The tournament went extremely well and all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Wentworth dodgeball team performed so well they managed to win all their matches, to secure 1st Place!

Well Played Wentworth!

Colchester Dodgeball tournament - 6th November 2019

Wentworth Primary School took a team of 10 pupils to the Colchester Dodgeball tournament on Wednesday 6th November 2019. The team played extremely well and received complements from several other schools teachers saying how well they played. Wentworth won every match in their pool and went through to the semi-finals; both teams in the semi’s played great dodgeball, the end result being Wentworth 1 – Heathlands 2. Wentworth were through to the 3rd and 4th play offs, with another tough match, unfortunately for Wentworth, Copford stayed strong throughout and won 2 games to 1.

Wentworth = 4th Best Team in the Colchester District.


Dodgeball Tournament - 6th December 2018

On Thursday 6th December 2018, Wentworth held the first Maldon consortium tournament of the year.

There were 7 local schools who took part, who all gave very good feedback. Some of the games were extremely close and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We will endeavour to arrange another Maldon consortium tournament in the Spring Term.

d1.jpg d3.jpg

Dodgeball Tournament - Thursday 29th November 2018

Colchester Blackwater Dodgeball tournament was held on Thursday 29th November at Essex University. 11 schools turned up to compete at their best to become winners of Colchester and have the chance to go through to the Essex Finals later on this academic year. Wentworth were placed in Group 2 and impressively won all of their matches. They went through to the semi finals vs Gt Totham and lost! However they redeemed themselves in the play offs, winning against Old Health.

Wentworth Primary, with lovely teamwork and sportsmanship, came in 3rd Place.


Mix It Up Dodgeball

A new type of tournament has been introduced, where by each local school bring several children to play competitively. However, they are mixed up with children from different schools.

On Thursday 9th November was the Dodgeball Mix It Up Tournament. Wentworth took 12 pupils, they were split into 12 teams. Each team played 5 matches, then they were put through to the play offs.


1st = Team 82nd= Team 33rd= Team 10
4th= Team 45th= Team 16th= Team 9
7th= Team 118th= Team 59th= Team 2
10th= Team 1211th= Team 712th= Team 6

Dodgeball Tournament - 2nd November 2017

On Thursday 2nd November Wentworth entered a dodgeball team into the local dodgeball tournament. They all played very well, especially as we only had 1 player who had played in a tournament before. They won several matches but unfortunately were knocked off the top spot by Gt Totham.

Wentworth 2nd Place

nov 002.JPG november 126.JPG

Dodgeball Essex Finals

The Wentworth Dodgeball team, took part in the Essex Dodgeball Finals on Friday 24th February. The team had very good team work throughout the tournament, they came 2nd in the first and second round, which meant they got through to the semi-finals! The semi-final was a tough match as the referee was extremely strict, but the children continued to try their best. Unfortunately they lost that match and went through to the 3rd and 4th play offs. Another hard match, but the children gave it their best shot.

End Result:

Wentworth 4th Best Dodgeball Team in Essex!!


dodgeball 005 (800x600).jpg dodgeball 011 (800x600).jpg dodgeball 013 (800x600).jpg

Dodge ball Finals 30th November

Wentworth came 1st in the local Dodgeball Tournament, which meant they got through to the Blackwater Finals. So on Wednesday 30th November Wentworth travelled to Colchester to play against the Colchester teams. They played extremely well and won every match with a clean sheet, Wentworth came 1st Place, which means they go through to The Essex Finals in January!

Mrs Dack and the whole of Wentworth are very proud of you!

Well Done!

November16 010 (1024x768).jpg

Thursday 10th November

Wentworth were involved in a local dodgeball competition held at The Plume School. Miss Bloomfield had set lots of drills and skills for the children to do and then a competitive match at the end. In dodgeball, it is traditional to play three games. Wentworth won the first game, Gt Totham won the second and so it was all down to the last game………Fortunately for us, Wentworth were triumphant!


As they played so well, they are through to the next round held in Colchester. Well done Wentworth!

nov16 011 (1024x768).jpg nov16 001 (1024x768).jpg

Essex Dodgeball Finals

On Friday 8th January 2016 Wentworth Primary School attended the Essex Dodgeball Finals in Southend. The tournament was arranged so there were 3 groups of 5 teams, after the matches were played the top 3 teams in the group went through to the quarter finals and so on.

Wentworth had a great start winning against St Johns COE, but unfortunately, Wentworth peaked early and that was the only school they beat 2 games in a row. The competition continued and was extremely tough. Wentworth did well to win a couple of games against other schools, but it was not enough to take them through to the next round. However, every child involved had a great time and enjoyed competing at such a high level.

Wentworth Primary are the 10th best school dodgeball team in Essex (2016)